Illnesses in technologically advanced societies due to lack of grounding (earthing)

Biomed J. 2023 Feb;46(1):17-29. doi: 10.1016/ Epub 2022 Nov 3.


The research on grounding or earthing summarized here is providing valuable clues about why chronic and autoimmune diseases are rampant, simple and reliable help for those with these health issues, and promising paths forward. During the period when this research was getting started, approximately 2000 to the present, scientists from around the world were establishing connections between inflammation and virtually all chronic diseases (Table 1) using the c-reactive protein assay developed by Ridker and his colleagues at Harvard Medical School. This article reviews Earthing, a safe therapy that optimizes (balances) each person's unique physiological functions; and that provides relief from the major diseases of the aging population; and that may slow the aging process itself. This statement is made because of the recognition that cumulative damage by reactive oxygen species (ROS), sometimes referred to as free radicals, is one of the most widely studied theories of the cause of aging. Because the continuous semiconducting fabric of the body reaches into every part of the body, including the interiors of all cells and their nuclei, mobile electrons in the grounded or earthed person are thought to be capable of rapidly neutralizing ROS produced by oxidative metabolism taking place in every cell and tissue.

Keywords: Aging; Autoimmune disorders; Chronic disease; Earthing; Grounding; Inflammation.

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