Methyl α-l-sorboside monohydrate

IUCrdata. 2021 Dec 21;6(Pt 12):x211325. doi: 10.1107/S2414314621013250. eCollection 2021 Dec.


Methyl l-sorboside monohydrate, C7H14O6·H2O, was prepared from the rare sugar l-sorbose, C6H12O6, and crystallized. It was confirmed that methyl l-sorboside formed α-pyran-ose with a 2 C 5 conformation and crystallized with one water molecule of crystallization. In the crystal, mol-ecules are linked by O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds, forming a three-dimensional network. The unit-cell volume of the title compound, methyl l-sorboside monohydrate, is 481.13 (2) Å3 (Z = 2), which is about 108.16 Å3 (29.0%) greater than that of half the amount of the chemical α-l-sorbose [745.94 (2) Å3 (Z = 4)].

Keywords: alkyl sorboside; crystal structure; hydrogen bonding; rare sugar.

Grants and funding

Funding for this research was provided by: Kagawa University; Strategic Foundational Technology Improvement Support Operation.