Development of a fuzzy logic-controlled system for home cultivation of sweet basil

Front Plant Sci. 2022 Oct 19;13:999106. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2022.999106. eCollection 2022.


As environmental pollution and the global population increase, and the COVID-19 pandemic becomes more severe, demands for indoor farming, especially home food gardening, have also increased. However, most research thus far has focused on large-scale food production, with very few studies having been conducted at the household scale. Also, the devices cultivating household crops with control systems in a continuous way, which minimize fluctuations of environmental conditions, have been rarely developed. Therefore, this study aimed to design a household cultivation system for sweet basil that is automatically and continuously controlled by fuzzy logic with a Raspberry Pi4. Three inputs (temperature, humidity, and growth stage) and seven outputs (fan, humidifier, heater 1, heater 2, LED red, green, and blue) were used with six rules, ensuring that three lights operated independently upon three growth stages. Simulation and actual operation were carried out, resulting in an appropriately controlled system that operated with few defects. In the case of an operation of the input variable, temperature and humidity were maintained at an average of 21.24 °C and 75.58%, respectively, and the LED operation for the growth stage was confirmed to be flawless. For verification of the designed fuzzy system, a comparison between the simulation and actual operation was performed to examine differences and identify problems. To this end, Pearson's correlation coefficients were used, and the direction of correction of the fuzzy logic system was proposed. Through these results, the feasibility of a home cultivation system using fuzzy logic was demonstrated, and it is expected that further studies applying it will be conducted in the future.

Keywords: controlled environment agriculture; fuzzy logic; growth stage; home food gardening; indoor farming; light quality; sweet basil.