Phase separation enabled silver nano-array

Nanotechnology. 2022 Nov 22;34(6). doi: 10.1088/1361-6528/aca0f5.


The surface-supported silver nanoparticles have been studied and applied in various applications. Many unique nanostructures have been introduced into this field to improve the functionalities of the surfaces depending on application purposes. We created featured silver nano-array surfaces by utilizing the solvent-mediated phase transition on the surface grafted with poly (acrylic) acids polymer chains and taking advantage of the low temperature of argon gas discharged plasma as a reducing agent. The applied solvents and grafted polymer chain densities affected the phase transition and thus determined the outcome of surface nano-array patterns. However, the total loaded silver ions on the surface affected silver nano-array structures at the sub-micron levels. The featured silver patterned surfaces made in the optimal conditions present a favorable surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy enhancement as well as recyclability for detection re-usage. This novel method prepares tunable silver nanopatterned surfaces and provides a new approach to various potential applications.

Keywords: SERS; phase separation; recyclability; silver nano-array; surface grafting.