Fabric computing: Concepts, opportunities, and challenges

Innovation (Camb). 2022 Oct 14;3(6):100340. doi: 10.1016/j.xinn.2022.100340. eCollection 2022 Nov 8.


With the advent of the Internet of Everything, people can easily interact with their environments immersively. The idea of pervasive computing is becoming a reality, but due to the inconvenience of carrying silicon-based entities and a lack of fine-grained sensing capabilities for human-computer interaction, it is difficult to ensure comfort, esthetics, and privacy in smart spaces. Motivated by the rapid developments in intelligent fabric technology in the post-Moore era, we propose a novel computing approach that creates a paradigm shift driven by fabric computing and advocate a new concept of non-chip sensing in living spaces. We discuss the core notion and benefits of fabric computing, including its implementation, challenges, and future research opportunities.

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  • Review