Short-term educational value of online neuromuscular ultrasound courses

Muscle Nerve. 2023 Jan;67(1):63-68. doi: 10.1002/mus.27749. Epub 2022 Nov 18.


Introduction/aims: We have previously reported that online neuromuscular ultrasound courses are feasible and were found to be useful by most survey respondents. However, our previous report lacked objective assessment of the educational value of the courses. Therefore, we aimed in this study to evaluate the learning outcomes of online neuromuscular ultrasound courses.

Methods: Each of the basic and advanced courses featured one pre- and two post-course online knowledge tests. The percentage of corrected answers and the participants' scores in the three tests were calculated and compared.

Results: A total of 153 out of 277 course participants answered the course test. The mean percentage of correct answers were significantly higher in the second and first post-course tests compared to the pre-course test (Basic course test: 80.2 ± 14.8%, 75.5 ± 15.9%, 64.3 ± 19.1%, respectively; Advanced course test: 80.9 ± 20.1, 78.9 ± 15.2%, 69.5 ± 20.2%, respectively). The mean scores of the participants in the basic course test significantly improved in the first and second post-course tests (from 66.6% to 77.5% and from 67.2% to 80.2%, respectively) whereas those of the participants in the advanced course test significantly improved in the first post-course test only (from 76.3% to 85.4%).

Discussion: This report demonstrates the capability of online neuromuscular ultrasound courses, particularly the basic-level courses, to enhance knowledge. This information can further help integrate virtual neuromuscular ultrasound teaching as a standard complementary educational format together with supervised in-person or remote hands-on training.

Keywords: knowledge test; learning outcome; neuromuscular ultrasound; training; ultrasound imaging.

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