Real-Time Control Technology for a Bio-Liquor Circulation System in a Swine Barn with Slurry Pit: Pilot Scale Study

Animals (Basel). 2022 Oct 26;12(21):2941. doi: 10.3390/ani12212941.


The livestock industry, especially swine production, has been pressurized by vicinity complaints about odor in Korea. Therefore, a lot of effort has been undertaken regarding reducing the odor emissions from pigsties, widely carried out and the washing out manure in slurry pit by liquid-phase compost has particularly been spotlighted with outstanding performance of odor reduction. However, such a washing out manure called bio-liquor circulation system (BCS) has been controlled by a timer with designated reaction time, which cannot guarantee the system performance. This research proposes an effective real-time control technology for BCS, which circulates bio-liquor to the slurry pit of swine barns. The real-time control system was operated through accurate detection of the designated control points on the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and pH time profiles for the nitrate knee point (NKP) and nitrogen break point (NBP) in anoxic and aerobic conditions with 100 and 99.6% performances, respectively. The duration of the anoxic and aerobic phases was also automated and noticeably lowered the concentration of nutrients in the manure in the slurry-pit, which served as a source of malodor. The real-time control strategy may be an innovative way to reduce odor and simultaneously produce liquid fertilizer, and provides a reference for the optimization of the industrial scale.

Keywords: bio-liquor; nitrate knee point; nitrogen break point; pilot scale; real-time control; swine wastewater.