Novel Apex Connection for Light Wood Frame Panelized Roof

Materials (Basel). 2022 Oct 24;15(21):7457. doi: 10.3390/ma15217457.


Panelized fabrication of light-frame wood buildings has higher productivity than the traditional stick-built method. However, the roof production process is not very efficient due to the structural system and construction method. This study proposes a novel apex connection that allows for a folding mechanism in a panelized light wood frame roof system. Proof of concept of the proposed connection assembly is presented by a 3D printout of the developed connection. Following the steel design code and timber code, the initial estimation of different parameters, such as the pinhole diameter and number screws, were established. A detailed finite element analysis (FEA) was performed to determine the connection strength requirement for different load case scenarios. The results of the FEA and 3D printout of the assembly show that the proposed connection can provide the required folding mechanism before roof installation and can withstand the load in the unfolding state at service.

Keywords: FEA; apex connection; folding mechanism; panelized light frame roof.