Identification of Human Gut Microbiome Associated with Enterolignan Production

Microorganisms. 2022 Oct 31;10(11):2169. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms10112169.


Dietary plant lignans are converted inside the gut to enterolignans enterodiol (ED) and enterolactone (EL), which have several biological functions, and health benefits. In this study, we characterized the gut microbiome composition associated with enterolignan production using data from a cross-sectional study in the Japanese population. We identified enterolignan producers by measuring ED and EL levels in subject's serum using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Enterolignan producers show more abundant proportion of Ruminococcaceae and Lachnospiraceae than non-enterolignan producers. In particular, subjects with EL in their serum had a highly diverse gut microbiome that was rich in Ruminococcaceae and Rikenellaceae. Moreover, we built a random forest classification model to classify subjects to either EL producers or not using three characteristic bacteria. In conclusion, our analysis revealed the composition of gut microbiome that is associated with lignan metabolism. We also confirmed that it can be used to classify the microbiome ability to metabolize lignan using machine learning approach.

Keywords: enterolignan; gut microbiome; lignan; machine learning; metabolism.