N-glycosylation Regulates Intrinsic IFN-γ Resistance in Colorectal Cancer: Implications for Immunotherapy

Gastroenterology. 2023 Mar;164(3):392-406.e5. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2022.11.018. Epub 2022 Nov 17.


Background & aims: Advanced colorectal carcinoma (CRC) is characterized by a high frequency of primary immune evasion and refractoriness to immunotherapy. Given the importance of interferon (IFN)-γ in CRC immunosurveillance, we investigated whether and how acquired IFN-γ resistance in tumor cells would promote tumor growth, and whether IFN-γ sensitivity could be restored.

Methods: Spontaneous and colitis-associated CRC development was induced in mice with a specific IFN-γ pathway inhibition in intestinal epithelial cells. The influence of IFN-γ pathway gene status and expression on survival was assessed in patients with CRC. The mechanisms underlying IFN-γ resistance were investigated in CRC cell lines.

Results: The conditional knockout of the IFN-γ receptor in intestinal epithelial cells enhanced spontaneous and colitis-associated colon tumorigenesis in mice, and the loss of IFN-γ receptor α (IFNγRα) expression by tumor cells predicted poor prognosis in patients with CRC. IFNγRα expression was repressed in human CRC cells through changes in N-glycosylation, which decreased protein stability via proteasome-dependent degradation, inhibiting IFNγR-signaling. Downregulation of the bisecting N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase III (MGAT3) expression was associated with IFN-γ resistance in all IFN-γ-resistant cells, and highly correlated with low IFNγRα expression in CRC tissues. Both ectopic and pharmacological reconstitution of MGAT3 expression with all-trans retinoic acid increased bisecting N-glycosylation, as well as IFNγRα protein stability and signaling.

Conclusions: Together, our results demonstrated that tumor-associated changes in N-glycosylation destabilize IFNγRα, causing IFN-γ resistance in CRC. IFN-γ sensitivity could be reestablished through the increase in MGAT3 expression, notably via all-trans retinoic acid treatment, providing new prospects for the treatment of immune-resistant CRC.

Keywords: Colon Cancer; IFNGR1; Immune Evasion.

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