Portable Digital Monitoring System for Sarcopenia Screening and Diagnosis

Geriatrics (Basel). 2022 Oct 25;7(6):121. doi: 10.3390/geriatrics7060121.


Sarcopenia is a well-known highly prevalent muscle disease that severely impairs overall physical performance in elders, inducing a massive health-related economic burden. The widespread screening, diagnosis and treatment of sarcopenia are pivotal to restrain the disease progression and constrain its societal impact. Simple-to-use, portable, and reliable methods to evaluate sarcopenia are scarce, and sarcopenia-related assessments are typically done in several time-consuming stages. This study presents a portable digital system that enables a simple and intuitive method to evaluate sarcopenia-based on the European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older People 2 (EWGSOP2) algorithm-including the four Find-Assess-Confirm-Severity (FACS) steps. The system comprises a mobile application (app); two wireless devices: a dynamometer (Gripwise) and a skinfold caliper (Lipowise); and a back-end website. To find cases, the SARC-F questionnaire is applied. To assess sarcopenia, the handgrip strength and the sit-to-stand tests are performed with the Gripwise and an application-embedded stopwatch, respectively. To confirm cases, anthropometric measures are performed, and muscle quantity is estimated with Lipowise. Finally, to assess severity, the app stopwatch grants the gait speed test application, evaluating physical performance. This step-by-step sarcopenia assessment results in a final grading according to the cut-off points of the EWGSOP2 criteria. All data is automatically encrypted and exported into a GDPR-compliant cloud platform, in which healthcare professionals can access and monitor their patients through the internet.

Keywords: body composition; detection; frailty; muscle; older adults; quantification; strength.