Assessing Antigen-Adjuvant Complex Stability Against Physical Stresses By wNMR

Pharm Res. 2022 Nov 22. doi: 10.1007/s11095-022-03437-1. Online ahead of print.


This study applies an emerging analytical technology, wNMR (water proton nuclear magnetic resonance), to assess the stability of aluminum adjuvants and antigen-adjuvant complexes against physical stresses, including gravitation, flow and freeze/thaw. Results from wNMR are verified by conventional analytical technologies, including static light scattering and microfluidic imaging. The results show that wNMR can quickly and noninvasively determine whether an aluminum adjuvant or antigen-adjuvant complex sample has been altered by physical stresses.

Keywords: aluminum adjuvants; antigen-adjuvant complexes; noninvasive PAT; stress testing; wNMR.