Research advances in UV-curable self-healing coatings

RSC Adv. 2022 Nov 11;12(50):32429-32439. doi: 10.1039/d2ra06089b. eCollection 2022 Nov 9.


Self-healing is the ability of a material to recover from physical damage. Because self-healing is crucial to environmental protection and sustainable development, several photochemical approaches, including those involving disulfide group, reversible Diels-Alder reaction, hydrogen bond cleavage, reformation, photo dimerization, and self-filling system, have been used to develop self-healing coating. In this review, the similarities and differences among the approaches to achieving self-healing in synthetic coatings, particularly the approaches related to the preparation, self-healing mechanism, and self-healing efficiency of the coating, are described. Potential future development and application of photochemical approaches to the synthesis of self-healing coating are also discussed.

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  • Review