Relation Between Diabetes and Psychiatric Disorders

Cureus. 2022 Oct 26;14(10):e30733. doi: 10.7759/cureus.30733. eCollection 2022 Oct.


Depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia are all things that have been found to be linked to the mental health of diabetics. When combined with particular mental health conditions, the management of diabetes might become very challenging. The management of diabetes requires the patient to be actively involved and is contingent on the patient's adherence to prescribed lifestyle modifications, self-monitoring, and medication. Patients who struggle to keep their mental health concerns under control are more likely to have trouble managing their diabetes on their own. People who have diabetes, because it is one of the most cognitively and behaviorally taxing chronic medical conditions, may be especially susceptible to developing mental health disorders. It is more prevalent in those who suffer from mental problems than it is in the general population. Diabetics frequently struggle with a variety of mental health conditions, including but not limited to schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. Diagnosing and treating mental health disorders is an important component of diabetes treatment that can be accomplished through the collaborative efforts of members of a multidisciplinary team. Patients who fall into this category can benefit from a wide range of services provided by pharmacists who work with them, including individual assessments, joint goal-setting, skill development, ongoing monitoring, and medication management. These services are designed to help patients feel better and function better.

Keywords: anxiety; diabetes; mood disorder; psychiatry; schizophrenia.

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