Hearing Aid Benefit and Satisfaction Results from the MarkeTrak 2022 Survey: Importance of Features and Hearing Care Professionals

Semin Hear. 2022 Dec 1;43(4):301-316. doi: 10.1055/s-0042-1758375. eCollection 2022 Nov.


The hearing aid market is rapidly evolving with advancements in features and potential changes in service delivery models, including the new over-the-counter device category. Data from the MarkeTrak 2022 survey indicate most hearing aid owners report regular quality-of-life benefits from hearing aids, even more than in previous surveys. The increased likelihood of hearing aid benefits might be attributable to modern hearing aid features advancements, such as wireless connectivity and rechargeable batteries. Hearing aid satisfaction rates have been relatively stable over the years, indicating that more than 80% of hearing aid owners are satisfied with their devices. Hearing aid satisfaction rates do not appreciably vary by fitting channel; hearing aid owners fitted in person, fitted remotely, or self-fit are similarly likely to report high satisfaction with their device. However, only respondents in the in-person channel gave establishment ratings (reflecting their willingness to recommend) that resulted and reflected a positive net promoter score. Given the potential for net promoter scores to be related to brand growth and customer loyalty, this finding has implications for the development of over-the-counter hearing aid service-delivery models. Additional work is warranted to explore the factors that negatively affect hearing aid owners' satisfaction with the companies delivering limited services.

Keywords: benefit; direct-to-consumer; hearing aid; implant; satisfaction.

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