Sonographic Findings of a Gynecological Cause of Acute Pelvic Pain - A Systematic Review

J Ultrason. 2022 Sep 1;22(90):e183-e190. doi: 10.15557/jou.2022.0030. eCollection 2022 Sep.


Objective: The purpose of this study was to use ultrasonographic data to rule out and distinguish diseases that cause acute pelvic pain.

Material and method: The literature was reviewed using a systematic search of the databases Google Scholars and PubMed, as well as through hand searching. We looked through a total of 35 articles, but only 26 were selected after preliminary screening. Furthermore, 14 articles were left out because they required a membership, copyright clearance, or featured non-English references. There were a total of 12 articles included in the final revuew. Among all the study-related articles, only original research studies and one systematic review that sonographically explored the gynecological etiology of acute pelvic pain were selected.

Results: Acute pelvic pain in women might be difficult to identify between gynecologic and non-gynecologic causes based solely on patient history and examination. Advanced imaging, like ultrasound, aids in determining the reason. Pelvic inflammatory disease can be difficult to diagnose, and clinicians should use a low threshold for starting presumptive treatment in order to avoid significant long-term effects such as infertility.

Conclusions: Pelvic pain can be acute, chronic or functional. Imaging investigations such as CT, ultrasonography, and MRI can assist in establishing a diagnosis. Particularly ultrasound scanning makes it possible to arrive at a diagnosis with a high degree of precision.

Keywords: acute pelvic pain; cause of pain; gynecologic; ultrasound.