Nonlinear Analytical Procedure for Predicting Debonding of Laminate from Substrate Subjected to Monotonic or Cyclic Load

Materials (Basel). 2022 Dec 6;15(23):8690. doi: 10.3390/ma15238690.


The bonding of steel/fiber-reinforced polymer (SRP/FRP) laminate strips to concrete/masonry elements has been found to be an effective and efficient technology for improving the elements' strength and stiffness. However, premature laminate-substrate debonding is commonly observed in laboratory tests, which prevents the laminate from reaching its ultimate strength, and this creates uncertainty with respect to the level of strengthening that can be achieved. Therefore, for the safe and effective application of this technology, a close estimate of the debonding load is necessary. Towards this end, in this paper, a new, relatively simple, semi-analytic model is presented to determine the debonding load and the laminate stress and deformation, as well as the interfacial slip, for concrete substrates bonded to SRP/FRP and subjected to monotonic or cyclic loading. In the model, a bond-slip law with a linearly softening branch is combined with an elasto-plastic stress-strain relationship for SRP. The model results are compared with available experimental data from single-lap shear tests, with good agreement between them.

Keywords: SRP; cyclic loading; semi-analytic model.