Synthesis and Study of Properties of Waterborne Polyurethanes Based on β-Cyclodextrin Partial Nitrate as Potential Systems for Delivery of Bioactive Compounds

Polymers (Basel). 2022 Dec 2;14(23):5262. doi: 10.3390/polym14235262.


Eco-friendly waterborne polyurethanes (WPU) find wide application in agriculture as pesticide carriers, which enhances their efficiency. To provide better control of the retention time and capacity of pesticides, WPU can be modified by cyclodextrin derivatives able to form supramolecular assemblies with bioactive substances. Synthesis of WPU containing up to 15 wt.% of covalently bound β-cyclodextrin partial nitrate (CDPN) is reported in this work. Covalent bonding of CDPN to a polyurethane matrix has been proved by IR spectroscopy and size exclusion chromatography. The particle size and viscosity of the WPU dispersion have been determined. The introduction of CDPN affects molecular weight and thermal properties of WPU films. The presence of CDPN in WPU is shown to provide higher average molecular weight, wider molecular weight distribution, and larger average size of dispersed particles, compared with WPU reference samples containing 1,4-butanediol. The analysis of the rheological behavior of the obtained WPU dispersions shows that they can be classified as pseudoplastic liquids. The analysis of the thermal parameters of WPU films indicates that the introduction of 15.0 wt.% CDPN shifts the value of the glass transition temperature from -63 °C to -48 °C compared with reference samples. We believe that the results of the present study are sufficiently encouraging in terms of using CDPN-modified eco-friendly WPU as potential systems for developing the delivering agents of bioactive compounds. The application of such systems will allow the long-term contact of pesticides with the plant surface and minimize the possibility of their release into the environment.

Keywords: hydrodynamic parameters; rheological behavior; thermal properties; waterborne polyurethane; β-cyclodextrin partial nitrate.