Light-FER: A Lightweight Facial Emotion Recognition System on Edge Devices

Sensors (Basel). 2022 Dec 6;22(23):9524. doi: 10.3390/s22239524.


Facial emotion recognition (FER) systems are imperative in recent advanced artificial intelligence (AI) applications to realize better human-computer interactions. Most deep learning-based FER systems have issues with low accuracy and high resource requirements, especially when deployed on edge devices with limited computing resources and memory. To tackle these problems, a lightweight FER system, called Light-FER, is proposed in this paper, which is obtained from the Xception model through model compression. First, pruning is performed during the network training to remove the less important connections within the architecture of Xception. Second, the model is quantized to half-precision format, which could significantly reduce its memory consumption. Third, different deep learning compilers performing several advanced optimization techniques are benchmarked to further accelerate the inference speed of the FER system. Lastly, to experimentally demonstrate the objectives of the proposed system on edge devices, Light-FER is deployed on NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

Keywords: Xception; edge device; facial emotion recognition; model compression.

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