Human orphan cytochromes P450: An update

Curr Drug Metab. 2022 Dec 9. doi: 10.2174/1389200224666221209153032. Online ahead of print.


Orphan cytochromes P450 (CYP) are enzymes whose biological functions and substrates are unknown. However, the use of new experimental strategies has allowed obtaining more information about their relevance in the metabolism of endogenous and exogenous compounds. Likewise, the modulation of their expression and activity has been associated with pathogenesis and prognosis in different diseases. In this work, we review the regulatory pathways and the possible role of orphan CYP to provide evidence that allow us to stop considering some of them as orphan enzymes and to propose them as possible therapeutic targets in the design of new strategies for the treatment of diseases associated with CYP-mediated metabolism.

Keywords: Biomarkers; Drug metabolism; New targets; Orphan cytochromes.