Spherical Bragg resonators for lasing applications: a theoretical approach

Opt Express. 2022 Dec 19;30(26):47720-47732. doi: 10.1364/OE.480395.


This work considers a perfect 3D omnidirectional photonic crystal; Spherical Bragg Resonators (SBR), for lasing applications. We use the recursive transfer matrix method to study scattering in an Er3+ doped SBR. We find the threshold gain factor for lasing by scanning poles and zeros of the S-matrix in the complex frequency plane. For a six Si/SiO2 bilayer SBR, the threshold gain factor corresponds to a dopant density of Er3+ of 5.63 × 1020ions/cm3. We believe, our work is the first theoretical demonstration of the ability to engineer optical amplification and threshold gain for lasing in SBRs.