Semi-occluded Nasal Tract Exercises (SONTEs): Nasal Tube in Water Exercises Using Nasal Consonants

J Voice. 2022 Dec 23:S0892-1997(22)00376-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jvoice.2022.11.023. Online ahead of print.


Objective: This study analyzes the effects of the vocal exercises called semi-occluded nasal tract exercises (SONTEs), which were carried out with a new appliance that extends the nasal cavity as a part of the vocal tract. The acoustic, aerodynamic and electroglottographic (EGG) measurements were compared with those of the traditional semi-occluded vocal tract exercises (SOVTEs) of phonation in water.

Methods: In this study, 34 women were randomly asked to perform phonation in water for 5 min through the nasal and oral routes with the sounds /m/ and /ɔ/, respectively, using a tube with a submersion depth of 5 cm. The acoustic, aerodynamic and EGG measurements before and after the exercises were analyzed using the appropriate statistical methods.

Results: No significant difference was found in the time and frequency domain parameters before and after the exercises, except for the amplitude perturbation quotient (APQ) values, which decreased after both exercises. In addition, there was no significant difference in any aerodynamic parameters before and after the exercises, but the mean SPL values significantly increased after both exercises. The oral and nasal peak inspiratory flow rates increased after both exercises, but the increase peaked after the SONTEs implementation. As expected, the EGG-jitter and EGG-periodicity values had a reciprocal interaction with each other, while differences were observed between the values of the vocal fold movements measured in both exercises.

Conclusions: SONTEs may be as effective as the conventional SOVTEs because it made tube phonation into water possible through artificial extension of the nasal cavity and increased the resonant effect by using the positive effects based on the principles of SOVTEs.

Keywords: Electroglottography; Nasal resistance; Nasal tract; SONTE; SOVTE; Tube into water exercises; Voice therapy.