Occupational therapy for improving occupational performance in COPD patients: A scoping review

Can J Occup Ther. 2022 Dec 27;84174221148037. doi: 10.1177/00084174221148037. Online ahead of print.


Background. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a multisystemic chronic condition which may induce significant consequences in daily life activities. Preserving activities of daily living in COPD is therefore a common treatment goal among people living with COPD, which leaves ample opportunity for occupational therapy interventions to comprise part of their rehabilitation. However, the question of how exactly occupational therapists can and do contribute to pulmonary rehabilitation remains underexplored. Purpose. To reveal the contribution of occupational therapy intervention in the pulmonary rehabilitation on improving the occupational performance of patients with COPD. Method. A scoping review was performed by selecting articles focusing on occupational therapy in pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with COPD. A total of four databases were surveyed for article selection. Findings. Among nine studies selected, seven studies reported a significant improvement in the occupational performance of patients with occupational therapy. However, two studies did not observe differences between the groups regarding occupational performance. Implications. Occupational therapy in pulmonary rehabilitation seems to contribute to the improvement of occupational performances of patients with COPD. Nevertheless, research focused on this field needs to be further developed to support the positive impact of occupational therapy in COPD management.

Keywords: Canadian occupational performance model; Maladie pulmonaire; Modèle canadien du rendement occupationnel; Réhabilitation pulmonaire; pulmonary disease; pulmonary rehabilitation.