E-cigarettes and Vaping: A Smoking Cessation Method or Another Smoking Innovation?

Cureus. 2022 Dec 12;14(12):e32435. doi: 10.7759/cureus.32435. eCollection 2022 Dec.


The prevalence of using e-cigarettes (vaping) has risen rapidly since its introduction in 2007, mostly among male youth. Although research on the health risks of e-cigarettes is still limited, there is growing evidence of debilitating pulmonary conditions and general immune weakness from e-cigarettes, leading to various infections. Moreover, there are concerns that vaping could be used as a new model of cannabis consumption, increasing cannabis addiction among adolescents. With well-known health risks from traditional smoking, e-cigarettes are viewed as a safe way of smoking, appealing more to youth. Additionally, extensive e-cigarette marketing boosted by the internet and fame has resulted in worries that e-cigarettes can lead to a renormalization of cigarette smoking and can be used as a new method to consume vaporized drugs. Although the concern that e-cigarettes are as harmful as traditional smoking has been raised, youth and most healthcare providers remain relatively unaware. Therefore, this review explored the association between e-cigarettes and traditional smoking. With the introduction of e-cigarettes in the last two decades, the topic is still new and less studied. Therefore, this review will help us understand the topic to better care for e-cigarette smokers and reduce the increasing public health burden from vaping.

Keywords: cannabis; e-cigarette; smoking; smoking cessation; vaping.

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  • Review