Client Responses to Video-Based Communication Skills Training Involving PrEP for HIV: Tailoring an Individual Sexual Health Intervention for Sexual Minority Men in Relationships

AIDS Behav. 2023 Jan 20;1-15. doi: 10.1007/s10461-023-03985-6. Online ahead of print.


For many partnered sexual minority men (SMM), PrEP decisions are shaped by their relationships. Recent innovations in HIV risk reduction interventions tailored for partnered SMM include the integration of video-based communication skill building. The purpose of the current study was to examine the responses of 37 SMM in relationships with cismale partners to understand how actual or anticipated conversations between partners may influence PrEP decision making. Results suggested an individual intervention has the ability to elicit detailed content about interactions between partners. When SMM anticipated being in agreement with their partner about PrEP, they described few challenges to discussing HIV prevention. In contrast, when SMM anticipated relationship-related concerns about PrEP, they also anticipated conversations with their partner would be challenging and likely to involve conflict. This often-diminished SMM's motivation to engage partners and develop shared HIV-prevention goals. These SMM may benefit from integrated communications skills building to overcome challenges and work collaboratively with partners around PrEP use.

Keywords: HIV; Motivational interviewing; Personal communication; Pre-exposure prophylaxis; Sexual minority men.