Nanoparticle Based Cardiac Specific Drug Delivery

Biology (Basel). 2023 Jan 4;12(1):82. doi: 10.3390/biology12010082.


Heart failure secondary to myocardial injuries is a leading cause of death worldwide. Recently, a growing number of novel therapies have emerged for injured myocardium repairment. However, delivering therapeutic agents specifically to the injured heart remains a significant challenge. Nanoparticles are the most commonly used vehicles for targeted drug delivery. Various nanoparticles have been synthesized to deliver drugs and other therapeutic molecules to the injured heart via passive or active targeting approaches, and their targeting specificity and therapeutic efficacies have been investigated. Here, we summarized nanoparticle-based, cardiac-specific drug delivery systems, their potency for treating heart diseases, and the mechanisms underlying these cardiac-targeting strategies. We also discussed the clinical studies that have employed nanoparticle-based cardiac-specific drug delivery.

Keywords: cardiac; ischemia; myocardial; nanomaterial; nanoparticle; targeted delivery.

Publication types

  • Review

Grant support

The work was supported by American Heart Association Grant #19AIREA34480011 (to S.W.), and Mayo Clinic Startup funds (to W.Z.).