Electron Beam Irradiation on the Production of a Si- and Zr-Based Hybrid Material: A Study by FTIR and WDXRF

Materials (Basel). 2023 Jan 4;16(2):489. doi: 10.3390/ma16020489.


Sol-gel production of hybrid materials has, to some extent, revolutionised materials' engineering and the way science and technology perceive the creation of new materials. Despite that, the method presents some limitations that are circumvented by radiation processing. Electron beam irradiation was used to promote synthesis of hybrid structures while using silanol-terminated PDMS, TEOS and TPOZ as precursors. Evaluation of the method's performance was executed by gel fraction determination, WDXRF and FTIR-ATR. Results showed that, although there is some pre-irradiation reactivity between precursors, radiolysis induces scission on multiple sites of precursor's structures, which induces hybrid network formation to a greater extent. Characterisation allowed determining electron beam irradiation to be effective in the creation of Si-O-Zr bonds, resulting in the production of a Class II hybrid material.

Keywords: PDMS; TEOS; electron beam; hybrid materials; radiation processing; zirconium.