Cross-School Collaboration to Develop and Implement Self-Construction Greening Systems for Schools

Plants (Basel). 2023 Jan 10;12(2):327. doi: 10.3390/plants12020327.


The positive effects of green infrastructure in the urban environment are nowadays widely known and proven by research. Yet, greening, which serves to improve the indoor climate and people's well-being, is integrated very limited in public facilities such as schools. Reasons for this are seen in a lack of knowledge and financing opportunities. A focus, among others, of the MehrGrüneSchulen research project is the interdisciplinary development of cost-effective greening solutions for schools. The designs were developed in close collaboration with students of a technical college (HTL) and a horticultural school. This study describes the development process and presents the results of the first implementations of greening systems at the HTL-building complex and at nine other schools in Austria.

Keywords: construction manuals; interdisciplinary collaboration; low-cost greenery systems; school greening; student participation; urban green areas.