Proteomic Characterization of PAMs with PRRSV-ADE Infection

Viruses. 2022 Dec 22;15(1):36. doi: 10.3390/v15010036.


The antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) effect of a PRRSV infection is that the preexisting sub- or non-neutralizing antibodies specific against PRRSV can facilitate the virus entry and replication, and it is likely to be a great obstacle for the selection of immune strategies and the development of high-efficiency PRRSV vaccines. However, the proteomic characterization of primary alveolar macrophages (PAMs) with a PRRSV-ADE infection has not yet been investigated so far. Therefore, we performed a tandem mass tag (TMT)-based quantitative proteomic analysis of PAMs with a PRRSV-ADE infection in this study. The results showed that a total of 3935 differentially expressed proteins (DEPs) were identified in the PAMs infected with PRRSV-ADE, including 2004 up-regulated proteins and 1931 down-regulated proteins. Further, the bioinformatics analysis for these DEPs revealed that a PRRSV-ADE infection might disturb the functions of ribosome, proteasome and mitochondria. Interestingly, we also found that the expression of the key molecules in the innate immune pathways and antiviral proteins were significantly down-regulated during a PRRSV-ADE infection. This study was the first attempt to analyze the proteomic characterization of PAMs with a PRRSV-ADE infection in vitro. Additionally, the findings will provide valuable information for a better understanding of the mechanism of virus-antibody-host interactions during a PRRSV-ADE infection.

Keywords: PAMs; PRRSV; PRRSV-ADE infection; proteomics; virus–antibody–host interactions.

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  • Animals
  • Antibody-Dependent Enhancement
  • Macrophages, Alveolar
  • Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome* / metabolism
  • Porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome virus*
  • Proteomics / methods
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Grant support

This study was funded by grants from the National Key Research & Development Program of China (No. 2022YFD1800300), the Natural Science Foundation of Henan Province (No. 212300410353) and the Key scientific research projects of colleges and universities in Henan Province (No. 23A230004).