Construction and Application of DNAzyme-based Nanodevices

Chem Res Chin Univ. 2023;39(1):42-60. doi: 10.1007/s40242-023-2334-8. Epub 2023 Jan 16.


The development of stimuli-responsive nanodevices with high efficiency and specificity is very important in biosensing, drug delivery, and so on. DNAzymes are a class of DNA molecules with the specific catalytic activity. Owing to their unique catalytic activity and easy design and synthesis, the construction and application of DNAzymes-based nanodevices have attracted much attention in recent years. In this review, the classification and properties of DNAzyme are first introduced. The construction of several common kinds of DNAzyme-based nanodevices, such as DNA motors, signal amplifiers, and logic gates, is then systematically summarized. We also introduce the application of DNAzyme-based nanodevices in sensing and therapeutic fields. In addition, current limitations and future directions are discussed.

Keywords: Biosensor; DNAzyme; Nanodevice; Therapy.

Publication types

  • Review