Curvature-induced stabilization and field-driven dynamics of magnetic hopfions in toroidal nanorings

Nanotechnology. 2023 Jan 23. doi: 10.1088/1361-6528/acb557. Online ahead of print.


Three dimensional magnetic textures are a cornerstone in magnetism researches. In this work, we analyze the stabilization and dynamic response of a magnetic hopfion hosted in a toroidal nanoring with intrinsic Dzialoshinskii-Moriya interaction simulating FeGe. Our results evidence that unlike their planar counterpart, where perpendicular magnetic anisotropies are necessary to stabilize hopfions, the shape anisotropy originated on the torus symmetry naturally yields the nucleation of these topological textures. We also analyze the magnetization dynamical response by applying a magnetic field pulse to differentiate among several magnetic patterns. Finally, to understand the nature of spin wave modes, we analyze the spatial distributions of the resonant mode amplitudes and phases and describe the differences among bulk and surface modes. Importantly, hopfions lying in toroidal nanorings present a non-circularly symmetric poloidal resonant mode, which is not observed in other systems hosting hopfions.

Keywords: Dynamic susceptibility; Magnetic textures; Magnetization; Micromagnetism; Ressonant modes; Topological solitons.