Embolization of a duplicated femoral vein for treatment of lower extremity deep venous insufficiency: A case report

Vascular. 2023 Jan 25;17085381231154434. doi: 10.1177/17085381231154434. Online ahead of print.


Background: Lower extremity deep venous insufficiency (DVI) occurs secondary to structural or functional abnormalities of deep venous valves in the affected extremities. The effectiveness of surgical treatment for improvement of the hemodynamic status in these patients remains controversial in clinical practice.

Method: In this case report, we describe a patient who presented with severe right lower extremity edema and liposclerosis and underwent venography, which suggested a variation in the number of femoral veins. The valve within the duplicated femoral vein was significantly incompetent; however, the valve of the main trunk of the femoral vein showed normal function. We performed embolization of the duplicated femoral vein.

Results: The patient tolerated the procedure well without recurrent symptoms.

Conclusions: Individualized assessment based on venography findings is useful to establish the therapeutic approach in patients with DVI.

Keywords: Deep venous insufficiency; duplicated femoral vein; embolization; refinement treatment; venography.