1.2-kW all-fiber Yb-doped multicore fiber amplifier

Opt Lett. 2023 Feb 1;48(3):712-714. doi: 10.1364/OL.478436.


We have demonstrated a record-high 1.2 kW, all-fiber multicore amplifier using a six-core single-mode Yb-doped fiber and a multicore pump-signal combiner (PSC). The output power is limited by the pump power of 1.9 kW. We have developed double-clad six-core fibers and PSCs for this demonstration. Each of the six Yb-doped cores has a 17-µm mode-field diameter (MFD) with a trench index profile and is capable of kW-class operation. The potential power scaling to the 10-kW level in a single amplifier with high brightness should be feasible with advanced thermal management and coherent beam combination.