Polysaccharide and Cyclodextrin-Based Monolithic Chiral Stationary Phases and its Application to Chiral Separation

Comb Chem High Throughput Screen. 2023;26(15):2583-2597. doi: 10.2174/1386207326666230208094859.


The recent development of monolithic chiral stationary phases (CSPs) for liquid chromatography (LC) is mainly focused on reducing backpressure, maximizing flow rates, faster run time, column efficiency, and stability. This review paper emphasizes recent progress in the development of polysaccharide and cyclodextrin-based monolithic CSPs. Further the paper draws attention to competing techniques, like non-porous particle-packed columns, core-shell and monoliths as chromatographic support matrix, available for achieving fast and efficient chromatographic separation. A brief discussion on the three main classes of chiral monolithic stationary phase viz. silica, organic polymer and hybrid-based monolithic stationary phases is also presented. In addition, the paper highlights various studies on the application of monolith chiral CSPs in LC and capillary electrochromrography separation and analysis of chiral compounds.

Keywords: Monolith chiral stationary phases; chiral chromatography; chiral separation; cyclodextrin; liquid chromatography.; polysaccharide.

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