Empirical and Theoretical Bases of Good Steamed Bread Production

Foods. 2023 Jan 17;12(3):433. doi: 10.3390/foods12030433.


Chinese steamed bread (CSB) is a main staple food in China, accounting for 40% of wheat flour usage in China. Due to its health benefits, CSB is gaining popularity across the world. In this review, the effects of gluten proteins (particularly glutenins and gliadins) on the quality of CSB are summarized from the literature. Requirements of appropriate rheological parameters in different studies are compared and discussed. Along with the increasing demand for frozen storage food, there are obvious increases in the research on the dynamics of gluten proteins in frozen dough. This review also summarizes the factors influencing the deterioration of CSB dough quality during frozen storage as well as effective measures to mitigate the negative effects.

Keywords: Chinese steamed bread; frozen storage; gliadins; glutenins; rheological properties; wheat gluten proteins.

Publication types

  • Review