Bioinformatics Tools and Knowledgebases to Assist Generating Targeted Assays for Plasma Proteomics

Methods Mol Biol. 2023:2628:557-577. doi: 10.1007/978-1-0716-2978-9_32.


In targeted proteomics experiments, selecting the appropriate proteotypic peptides as surrogate for the target protein is a crucial pre-acquisition step. This step is largely a bioinformatics exercise that involves integrating information on the peptides and proteins and using various software tools and knowledgebases. We present here a few resources that automate and simplify the selection process to a great degree. These tools and knowledgebases were developed primarily to streamline targeted proteomics assay development and include PeptidePicker, PeptidePickerDB, MRMAssayDB, MouseQuaPro, and PeptideTracker. We have used these tools to develop and document thousands of targeted proteomics assays, many of them for plasma proteins with focus on human and mouse. An important aspect in all these resources is the integrative approach on which they are based. Using these tools in the first steps of designing a singleplexed or multiplexed targeted proteomic experiment can reduce the necessary experimental steps tremendously. All the tools and knowledgebases we describe here are Web-based and freely accessible so scientists can query the information conveniently from the browser. This chapter provides an overview of these software tools and knowledgebases, their content, and how to use them for targeted plasma proteomics. We further demonstrate how to use them with the results of the HUPO Human Plasma Proteome Project to produce a new database of 3.8 k targeted assays for known human plasma proteins. Upon experimental validation, these assays should help in the further quantitative characterizing of the plasma proteome.

Keywords: Bioinformatics; Knowledgebases; Plasma proteins; Quantitative targeted proteomics.

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