Digital Immunization Tracking in Long-Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Can J Aging. 2023 Feb 16;1-4. doi: 10.1017/S0714980822000538. Online ahead of print.


A disproportionate share of the health impacts of COVID-19 has been borne by older adults, particularly those in long-term care facilities (LTCs). Vaccination has been critical to efforts to combat this issue, but as we begin to emerge from this pandemic, questions remain about how to protect the health of residents of LTC and assisted living facilities proactively in order to prevent such a disaster from occurring again. Vaccination, not just against COVID-19, but also against other vaccine-preventable illness, will be a key component of this effort. However, there are currently substantial gaps in the uptake of vaccines recommended for older adults. Technology offers an opportunity to assist in filling these vaccination gaps. Our experiences in Fredericton, New Brunswick suggest that a digital immunization solution would facilitate better uptake of adult vaccines for older adults in assisted and independent living facilities and would help policy and decision makers to identify coverage gaps and develop interventions to protect these individuals.

Keywords: aging; digital technologies; grippe; immunisation; immunization; influenza; long-term care; maladie pneumococcique; pneumococcal disease; soins de longue durée; technologies numériques; vaccination; vieillissement.