Retraction notice to "Endogenous production of C-C motif chemokine ligand 2 by nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells drives radioresistance-associated metastasis" [Canc. Lett. 468 (2020) 27-40]

Cancer Lett. 2023 Apr 1;558:216061. doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2023.216061. Epub 2023 Feb 21.


This article has been retracted: please see Elsevier Policy on Article Withdrawal ( <This article has been retracted at the request of the Editor-in-Chief. Following the publication of the above article, the Editor was notified by a concerned reader that the authors supplied duplicated images. Specifically, overlap in Figs. 1C, 4A, 4B, 4D, and 5C. These concerns were also reported at PubPeer After review, the Editor found that duplication did occur and therefore the decision was made to retract the article. After re-examination of the entire paper, raw data and lab records, the authors have found that "pictures between different experiments were carelessly mixed. We want to apologize for all the inconvenience it caused to the editorial board, and to all our peers and to all the readers of our paper.">.

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  • Retraction of Publication