Arthroscopic Treatment in the Distal Rupture of the Triceps Brachial Tendon in Elite Athlete: A Case Report

Maedica (Bucur). 2022 Dec;17(4):995-998. doi: 10.26574/maedica.2022.17.4.995.


Injuries (rupture, avulsion) of the triceps tendon are considered infrequent injuries, which mainly affect the male gender and are directly associated with injuries that occur during sports and in a high percentage due to the consumption of steroids. The diagnosis and treatment must be carried out early, especially in those patients with high functional demand or elite athletes, in order to obtain good functional results. The clinical examination should be accompanied by diagnostic imaging studies. There is conservative treatment for lesions affecting less than 50% of the tendon, but those lesions that compromise over 50% of the tendon, surgical treatment is the indication. It could be performed through an open approach or via arthroscopic (barely described in the literature). The time of injury is the key point the early surgical treatment has shown to have optimal outcomes. However, there is no consensus on the surgical approach and its functional outcome.

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