Endometrial Cancer Arising in Adenomyosis (EC-AIA): A Systematic Review

Cancers (Basel). 2023 Feb 10;15(4):1142. doi: 10.3390/cancers15041142.


Endometrial cancer arising in adenomyosis (EC-AIA) is a rare uterine disease characterized by the malignant transformation of the ectopic endometrium within the adenomyotic foci. Clinicopathological and survival data are mostly limited to case reports and a few cohort studies. We aimed to assess the clinicopathological features and survival outcomes of women with EC-AIA through a systematic review of the literature. Six electronic databases were searched, from 2002 to 2022, for all peer-reviewed studies that reported EC-AIA cases. Thirty-seven EC-AIA patients from 27 case reports and four case series were included in our study. In our analysis, EC-AIA appeared as a rare disease that mainly occurs in menopausal women, shares symptoms with endometrial cancer, and is challenging to diagnose preoperatively. Differently from EC, it shows a higher prevalence of the non-endometrioid histotype, advanced FIGO stages, and p53-signature, which might be responsible for its worse prognosis. Future studies are necessary, to confirm our findings and further investigate this rare condition.

Keywords: adenomyo*; carcinoma; endometr* malignancy; tumors; tumours.

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