Design and Implementation of a Chain-Type Direct Push Drilling Rig for Contaminated Sites

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023 Feb 20;20(4):3757. doi: 10.3390/ijerph20043757.


For sites where volatile organic compounds are present, the direct push method, in combination with other sensors for investigation, is a powerful method. The investigation process is an integrated drilling and sensing process, but the trajectory of the probe carrying the sensor is ambiguous. This paper explores and introduces the application of a chain-type direct push drilling rig by designing and building a chain-type direct push miniature drilling rig. This rig allows for indoor experimental studies of direct push trajectories. The chain-type direct push drilling model is proposed based on the mechanism of chain transmission. The drilling rig provides a steady direct thrust through the chain, which is driven by a hydraulic motor. In addition, the drilling tests and results described prove that the chain could be applied to direct push drilling. The chain-type direct push drilling rig can drill to a depth of 1940 mm in single-pass and up to 20,000 mm in multiple passes. The test results also indicate that it drills a total length of 462.461 mm and stops after 87.545 s of operation. The machine can provide a drilling angle of 0-90° and keep the borehole angle fluctuating within 0.6° with the characteristics of strong adjustability, flexibility, continuity, stability, and low disturbance, which is of great value and significance for studying the drilling trajectory of direct push tools and obtaining more accurate investigation data.

Keywords: chain-type; contaminated sites investigation; direct push drilling rig; lightweight drilling rig.

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