Clinical Characteristics and Surgical Outcomes of Right Heart Myxoma and Its Comparison with Left Heart Myxoma: A Single-Center Retrospective Study

Anatol J Cardiol. 2023 Mar;27(3):146-152. doi: 10.14744/AnatolJCardiol.2022.2585.


Background: Cardiac myxomas are commonly located in the left atrium but rarely affect the right side of the heart. We retrospectively analyzed 28 patients receiving surgical treatment for right heart myxomas at our center and aimed to summarize the clinical features and surgical outcomes of right heart myxomas.

Methods: Between May 2001 and June 2022, 244 patients with sporadic cardiac myxomas underwent complete surgical resection. Twenty-eight patients (28/244, 11.48%) were right heart myxomas. Among the 28 right heart myxoma cases, 25 underwent median sternotomy and 3 underwent robotic or total thoracoscopic procedures. The clinical features, operative information, and follow-up data of right heart myxoma were comprehensively reviewed, and clinical characteristics between right heart myxoma and left heart myxoma were also compared.

Results: A significant difference was noted in sex between right heart myxoma and left heart myxoma (P <.05). Right heart myxoma had a higher asymptomatic rate (17.86% vs. 3.70%, P =.007) and a lower embolization rate (3.57% vs. 30.09%, P =.003) than left heart myxoma. The most common attachment site of right heart myxoma is the atrial septum. The mean operative duration and cardiopulmonary bypass time of right heart myxoma resection were 207.71 ± 53.40 minutes and 63.86 ± 29.73 minutes, respectively, with an in-hospital mortality rate of 3.57%. During the follow-up, 2 patients died of noncardiac causes. The overall 1-, 2-, and 5-year actuarial survival rates after right heart myxoma resection were 95.8%, 90.8%, and 84.7%, respectively.

Conclusions: As a rare cardiac tumor, the clinical characteristics of right heart myxoma are different from typical left heart myxoma in some aspects, such as sex, asymptomatic rate, and embolization rate. Prompt surgical resection of right heart myxoma gives excellent early and midterm results.

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