Concentration-dependent dielectric and electro-optical properties of composites based on nematic liquid crystals and CdS:Mn quantum dots

Soft Matter. 2023 Mar 15;19(11):2110-2119. doi: 10.1039/d2sm01352e.


Composites in a wide concentration range of 0-0.6 wt% based on a nematic liquid crystal mixture and CdS quantum dots doped with manganese ions (Mn 6%) are presented. The effect of the CdS:Mn quantum dots on the phase diagram and electronic structure of composites was studied using differential scanning calorimetry and fluorescence analysis. Nonmonotonic concentration-dependent changes in the clearing point, which correlate with the fluorescence quenching behavior of the main CdS:Mn peak, were found. Dielectric spectroscopy and electro-optic studies revealed a corresponding increase in the dielectric permittivity anisotropy and birefringence in the 0.2-0.4 wt% range, where thermodynamic changes occur. The initiating factors behind this effect are supposed to be the self-assembly of quantum dots, and the distortion of the orientation order of liquid crystal molecules at a higher mass concentration of quantum dots.