Progressive Observation of Covid-19 Vaccination Effects on Skin-Cellular Structures by Use of Intelligent Laser Speckle Classification (ILSC) Technique

J Digit Imaging. 2023 Mar 1;1-11. doi: 10.1007/s10278-023-00795-z. Online ahead of print.


The recent pandemic showed that the current global research strategies on vaccine development in an emergency period necessitates more optimized supplementary techniques to observe instant progressive vaccines' subtle effects on human metabolisms to make better and speedy evolutionary health assessments. To fill this gap, we have followed a multi-disciplinary approach exploiting AI, laser-optics, and specific imaging methods. The proposed technique can make progressive observations on Covid-19 Astra Zeneca vaccination effects on skin cellular network by use of the well-established technique-Intelligent Laser Speckle Classification (ILSC), as Covid-19 is a skin-affecting systemic disease. The method also managed to distinguish between three different subject groups via their laser speckle skin image samplings, grouped as early-vaccinated, late-vaccinated and non-vaccinated participants. The results have proven that the ILSC technique, in association with the parametrically optimised Bayesian network, can classify hidden skin changes of vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals up to 90% accuracy and is also capable of detecting instant progressive developments pertaining to skin cellular properties. The proposed method has also proven that the continuous Covid-19 vaccine effect on the sub-skin layers can be observable by high frequency and speedy non-invasive data collection in real-time with high reliability.

Keywords: Bayesian Nets; Covid-19; Laser speckle imaging; Skin analysis; Vaccines.