Combined LTP Sublingual and Oral Immunotherapy in LTP Syndrome: Efficacy and Safety

J Clin Med. 2023 Feb 24;12(5):1823. doi: 10.3390/jcm12051823.


Introduction: SLIT for the treatment of plant food allergies has been demonstrated to be safe but less effective than OIT, but the latter is associated with more adverse reactions. The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a new protocol starting with SLIT-peach followed by OIT with commercial peach juice in patients with LTP syndrome.

Methods: This was a prospective, noncontrolled, open study on patients with LTP syndrome who are not sensitized to storage proteins. SLIT peach ALK was followed by OIT with Granini® peach juice after 40 days of the SLIT maintenance phase. At home, the Granini® juice dose was progressively increased during the 42 days until reaching 200 ml. After achieving the maximum dose, an open oral food challenge was carried out with the food that had caused the most severe reaction. If negative, the patient was instructed to progressively introduce the foods that were avoided before starting immunotherapy at home. Patients were reviewed 1 month later. The quality-of-life questionnaire FAQLQ-AF was completed at the beginning of the study and one month after the final challenge.

Results: Forty-five patients were included, most of them with LTP anaphylaxis. Peach SLIT was well tolerated in 80.5%, and OIT with Granini® was well tolerated in 85%, with no severe adverse reactions. The final provocation was successful in 39/45 (86.6%). One month after the final provocation, 42/45 (93.3%) patients had no dietary restrictions. FAQLA-AF was significantly reduced.

Conclusions: This combination of peach SLIT and OIT with commercial peach juice provides a new, fast, effective, and safe immunotherapy option for selected patients with LTP syndrome who are not allergic to storage proteins, improving their quality of life. This study suggests that cross-desensitization relative to the nsLTPs of several plant foods can be achieved by using Prup3.

Keywords: FAQLQ-AF; LTP desensitization; LTP lipid transfer protein; LTP syndrome; oral immunotherapy; quality of life; sublingual immunotherapy.

Grants and funding

This research received no external funding.