Single-atom catalysts for hydroformylation of olefins

iScience. 2023 Feb 19;26(3):106183. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2023.106183. eCollection 2023 Mar 17.


Hydroformylation is one of the most significant homogeneous reactions. Compared with homogeneous catalysts, heterogeneous catalysts are easy to be separated from the system. However, heterogeneous catalysis faces the problems of low activity and poor chemical/regional selectivity. Therefore, there are theoretical and practical significance to develop efficient heterogeneous catalysts. SACs can be widely applied in hydroformylation in the future, due to the high atom utilization efficiency, stable active sites, easy separation, and recovery. In this review, the recent advances of SACs for hydroformylation are summarized. The regulation of microstructure affected on the reactivity, stability of SACs, and chem/regioselectivity of SACs for hydroformylation are discussed. The support effect, ligand effect, and electron effect on the performance of SACs are proposed, and the catalytic mechanism of SACs is elaborated. Finally, we summarize the current challenges in this field, and propose the design and research ideas of SACs for hydroformylation of olefins.

Keywords: Hydroformylation; Single-atom catalysts.

Publication types

  • Review