Sharing and Cooperation of Improved Cross-Entropy Optimization Algorithm in Telemedicine Multimedia Information Processing

Int J Telemed Appl. 2023 Mar 6;2023:7353489. doi: 10.1155/2023/7353489. eCollection 2023.


In order to improve the efficiency of medical multimedia information sharing, this paper combines cloud computing technology and SOA (service-oriented architecture) technology to build a medical multimedia information sharing system. Building a medical information sharing platform requires integrating information resources stored in information systems of medical institutions and nonmedical information systems related to medical information and forming a huge resource pool. It is important to mine and analyze the information resources in the resource pool to realize the sharing and interaction of medical information. To this end, this paper proposes a gain-adaptive control algorithm with online adjustable parameters and investigates the extension of the mutual entropy optimization algorithm in the control domain and its integrated processing capability in the process of medical multimedia information processing. In addition, this paper constructs a medical multimedia information sharing and collaboration platform with medical multimedia information sharing and telemedicine as the core and verifies the effectiveness of the platform through experiments. The simulation results and comparison results with other systems prove that the system in this paper can realize fast data processing, retrieve and analyze massive data, and meet the demand of remote intelligent diagnosis under the premise of safety and stability. Meanwhile, the system in this paper can help hospitals achieve fast and accurate diagnosis, which has strong theoretical and practical values.