Concurrent remodeling of nucleolar 60S subunit precursors by the Rea1 ATPase and Spb4 RNA helicase

Elife. 2023 Mar 17;12:e84877. doi: 10.7554/eLife.84877. Online ahead of print.


Biogenesis intermediates of nucleolar ribosomal 60S precursor particles undergo a number of structural maturation steps before they transit to the nucleoplasm and are finally exported into the cytoplasm. The AAA+-ATPase Rea1 participates in the nucleolar exit by releasing the Ytm1-Erb1 heterodimer from the evolving pre-60S particle. Here, we show that the DEAD-box RNA helicase Spb4 with its interacting partner Rrp17 is further integrated into this maturation event. Spb4 binds to a specific class of late nucleolar pre-60S intermediates, whose cryo-EM structure revealed how its helicase activity facilitates melting and restructuring of 25S rRNA helices H62 and H63/H63a prior to Ytm1-Erb1 release. In vitro maturation of such Spb4-enriched pre-60S particles, incubated with purified Rea1 and its associated pentameric Rix1-complex in the presence of ATP, combined with cryo-EM analysis depicted the details of the Rea1-dependent large-scale pre-ribosomal remodelling. Our structural insights unveil how the Rea1 ATPase and Spb4 helicase remodel late nucleolar pre-60S particles by rRNA restructuring and dismantling of a network of several ribosomal assembly factors.

Keywords: S. cerevisiae; biochemistry; chemical biology; molecular biophysics; structural biology.