A Preliminary Study on the Evaluation of Human Sperm Head Morphology with a Domestic Digital Holographic Image System

Phenomics. 2022 Feb 26;2(2):130-135. doi: 10.1007/s43657-022-00046-1. eCollection 2022 Apr.


The head of sperm was imaged with domestic digital holographic microscopy (DHM), and then the quantitative three-dimensional size information of normal sperm and teratozoospermic sperm was compared and analyzed. DHM sperm imaging and repeated quantitative evaluation were used to determine the morphology of the sperm head in two patients with teratozoospermia and four volunteers with normal semen parameters. Sixty and 139 sperm of teratozoospermia patients and normal people were photographed by digital hologram, respectively. The differences in head height and width were compared and statistically analyzed. The sperm head height of the teratozoospermia group was 3.06 ± 1.66 μm, which was significantly lower than that of the normal sperm group (4.54 ± 1.60 μm, p < 0.01), but there was no significant difference in the head width between the two groups. Compared with the traditional two-dimensional optical microscope observation method, the DHM system can provide three-dimensional quantitative information for the sperm head and thus may help in the comprehensive clinical evaluation of the sperm head structure.

Keywords: Digital holographic microscopy (DHM); Human sperm head morphology; Teratozoospermia.