Probabilistic shaping-based delta sigma modulation

Opt Lett. 2023 Mar 15;48(6):1450-1453. doi: 10.1364/OL.483028.


This Letter proposes a probabilistic shaping delta-sigma modulation technique. By performing delta-sigma modulation on the probability shaping signal at the transmitting end, under the same transmit power and the same net bit rate, the delta-sigma modulation signal based on probability shaping can obtain better anti-noise capability than the delta-sigma modulation signal only. Under the same information entropy conditions, the bit error rate performance of the PS-based 131072QAM signal modulated by delta-sigma modulation is better than that of the ordinary 65536QAM signal using the delta-sigma modulation scheme, and lower than that of soft decision-forward error correction (4 × 10-2).